A Unique Opportunity to Promote Northern Colorado and Manufacturing

Like many of us who are focused on growing revenue and meeting customer demand, engaging with the government was my last priority. Stay outta my business, right?

In 2013, through Governor John Hickenlooper’s Blueprint 2.0 initiative, I saw the power of having the private sector at the same table as our state leaders. The Northern Colorado manufacturing leaders came together and partnered with the state Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) to establish the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership. In addition, we were able to get the ADAPT lab set up at Colorado School of Mines through the state’s Advanced Industries grant program, which recently showcased its additive manufacturing chops by printing an Iron Man suit featured on the Discovery Channel.

Amazing what we can accomplish by working together with the common goals of supporting our state’s innovators and economy.

I am ready to embark on another partnership, this time as one of twenty-three participants in the year-long Colorado Governors Fellows program run by CiviCO. Take a look at that list of my fellowship class! I am in awe of their accomplishments and the roles they play in strengthening our communities. Special thanks to 2019 Fellow, Sumer Sorensen-Bain, and Monisha Merchant for introducing me to the program.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to being able to nerd out and learn more about how our government works and from our political leaders who have already made the full-time commitment to public service.

I’m also excited to promote the heck out of our Northern Colorado business and community leaders and tout the strength of our state’s manufacturing sector. I will continue to share with you my journey throughout this fellowship. If you have ideas, give me a shout. I’d love to bring your feedback to the fellowship throughout the year.

-Heidi Hostetter
VP, Faustson


Hostetter Named to 2020 Colorado Governors Fellowship Class

Heidi Hostetter, Faustson VP and CEO of H2 Manufacturing Solutions, has been named to the 2020 class of Colorado Governors Fellows. This group of 23 business and community leaders will spend the next year studying issues and preparing to help shape policy and perception of life and public service in Colorado. The group was inducted into the program on June 27, 2019 by Governor Jared Polis.

“I am so excited to participate in this program alongside some of Colorado’s strongest private sector leaders. Learning from them and implementing policy together feels like impactful and necessary work,” said Hostetter. “I have always believed, even before creating the ADAPT center through the state’s infrastructure program, that public/private partnerships are necessary to the success of what we do – especially as Colorado is growing so rapidly and we face infrastructure concerns due to that fast-paced growth.”

The leadership program is in its fourth year, modeled after the White House Fellows Program and Dr. Geoff Smart’s book “Leadocracy,” in partnership with the University of Colorado School of Public Affairs and the Governor’s Office with funding from the Boettcher Foundation. All of Colorado’s living governors are supporters of the program, as well.

“Colorado has a unique opportunity to elevate the brand of Colorado government by supporting emerging leaders who have a desire to serve the public sector,” Polis said in a statement. “The success of our state will be enhanced by the pipeline of talented emerging leaders from the Governors Fellowship Program. We are proud of their commitment and look forward to the incredible work they will achieve for Colorado’s future.”

The other 22 members of the 2020 Governors Fellowship Class include:

  • Adam Burrows, founder of Lava Walk Ventures in Denver.
  • Jennifer Chang, regional manager for Cisco Systems in Denver.
  • Jeremy Duhon, founder and curator of TEDxMileHigh in Denver.
  • Nic Eliason, group vice president for DaVita in Denver.
  • Nicole Garneau, curator and Health Sciences Department chair of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.
  • Shawn Gullixson, vice president of Vectra Bank Colorado in Colorado Springs.
  • Sonia Gutierrez, real estate broker for The Christi Reece Group in Grand Junction.
  • Meghan Herwehe, senior vice president of strategy and analytics for CorePower Yoga in Denver.
  • Elizabeth Katkin, co-owner and general counsel of LDK Logistics Inc. in Englewood.
  • Adeeb Khan, director of corporate social responsibility at TIAA in Denver.
  • Patrick Loney, director of patient care services at the Pediatric Mental Health Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora.
  • Michael Mansheim, executive director of marketing at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction.
  • KJ McCorry, CEO of Officiency Inc. in Boulder.
  • Blessing “Yemi” Mobolade, small business development administrator for the city of Colorado Springs.
  • Chris Otto, partner at Plante Moran in Fort Collins.
  • Mia Ramirez, community partner for the Colorado Trust in Colorado Springs.
  • Jake Schroeder, executive director for the Denver Police Activities League Inc.
  • Adam Silver, senior credit analyst for ArrowMark Partners in Denver.
  • Jonathan Steenland, chief operating officer for the National Cybersecurity Center in Colorado Springs.
  • Anna Stout, executive director of the Roice-Hurst Humane Society in Grand Junction.
  • Cori Streetman, co-founder and principal of Barefoot PR in Denver.
  • Emily Wattman-Turner, chief operating officer for the Kenzie Academy in Denver.

“We have phenomenal community leaders around our state,” CiviCO’s executive director Eric Hopfenbeck said in a statement. “It’s thrilling to see the interest in public service and passion for elevating Colorado. We are deeply honored to steward this program to elevate the brand of government and inspire public service.”

About CiviCO

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