Reforesting Project

Environmental, Financial, and Community Impact

We are in the process of reforesting the land around our facilities, bringing back trees where they once were. We are very exited to develop a sustainable campus that is more ecological, with the potential of growing our impact on our local community.

Project Goals:


  • Reduce water usage. Over 50% of surface water usage goes towards landscaping and lawns.

  • Reduce pesticide and fertilizer usage.

  • Reduce pollution and increase pollinators.


  • Reduce cost.
  • Reduce maintenance. Maintaining turf-rich landscapes is time consuming.


  • Improve the overall look of a community.
  • Distribute food.

Current Stage

 Removal by Sheet Mulching

 A sustainable technique of smothering grass and weeds by layering paper, cardboard, and other organic materials over it. It takes five months.

Sheet mulching gives lawn a feast of nutrients so it’s ripe to grow fresh grass, trees, or a new garden afterwards. Requires a wheelbarrow, a shovel, and lots of organic matter + compost.