Live Tooling CNC Lathe

This efficient and precise machine provides a wide range of services. In addition to traditional CNC Lathe capabilities, our full Y-axis controlled machines allow us to produce off-center radial and face cut features. Conversational controls minimize programming time and maximize production efficiency.

Why Choose Live Tooling CNC Lathe?

  • Mirror-like Finishes
  • Face Cut Features
  • Off-center Feature Control
  • Minimal Programming Time

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining refers to machining in which the machine tool operates under numerical control. CNC represents computer numerical control. CNC machines are programmed with a CNC machining language known as g-code. The CNC machining language tells the CMC machine the coordinates through which the cutter (end mill) should pass.

CNC machining has many advantages over manual machining. CNC machining produces parts that are very precise and repeatable. CNC machining can produce parts with very complex geometries that would nearly impossible to produce with manual machining. CNC machining technology is widespread and most machine shops utilize CNC machining.