Five-Axis Milling

The superior technology of our five-axis milling machines give us the ability to do projects that only a handful of shops in the U.S. can handle. We are one of only a few locations within the West Coast area – and one of even fewer on the Front Range – that can handle the most challenge machining jobs. Accurate to .0005″ and extremely efficient, our machines have what it takes to turn your ideas into reality.

Why Choose Five-Axis Milling?

Highly Consistent for Tighter Tolerances

Continuous Path Surface Contouring

Reduced Setups

High Speed Material Removal

Mill up to 49.2 x 34.6 x 31.5

What is Five-Axis Machining?

Five-axis (5-axis) milling or machining refers to the machining of a part wherein the part’s geometry is typically complex and requires the machine tool to position and articulate the cutting tool along 5 axes of motion versus the more common 3 axes (X,Y,Z). The CNC machine tools that are used in this process are called five-axis machines or five-axis machining centers. Five-axis machining is most commonly used in the aerospace, defense and medical industries.

Five-Axis Machining – Myths vs Facts

Five-axis machines significantly enhance efficiency, particularly for prismatic parts, by enabling the machining of multiple sides in a single setup. They offer substantial benefits in terms of versatility, advanced features, and error reduction, leading to decreased production times. Additionally, these machines are designed for easier maintenance, further streamlining the manufacturing process.