Multi-Axis EDM

We have not only mastered the technology and application of Wire EDM, but have pushed the limits of this rapidly advancing technology. Our Wire EDM machines have 5-Axis capability and can provide cutting accuracy to .00005″, with wire diameters ranging from .002″ to.013″.

Our Sinker EDM offers full 5-axis control. Our small-hole EDM machine provides high-speed, small-diameter (.0040), and deep-hole EDM drilling. This system drills at speeds above one inch per minute with a depth-to-diameter ratio of up to 100:1, even in hard, nearly un-machinable materials like carbides, hardened steels, Inconel and polycrystalline diamond.

Why Choose Multi-Axis EDM?

Surface Finishes to 8rms

Inside Corner Radius to .003

Full 5 Axis Control

High Speed Small Diameter (.0040)

What is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM is process in which a wire, typically .006 to .008 inches in diameter, is electrically charged at a high voltage and used to cut precision shapes. The wire passes from one spool to another and is guided by an upper and lower guide as it cuts. There are numerous advantages to wire EDM machining, including the ability to cut in a very precise manner, cut nearly square internal corners and cut tapers that would be nearly impossible to cut otherwise. Wire EDM machines are CNC controlled. Wire EDM machining is typically performed by machine shops.