Quick Turn Machining

Due to increased customer demand, Faustson has expanded its quick-turn machining capabilities.

Our newest piece of equipment, the DMG MORI DMU 95 monoBLOCK milling center is reserved specifically for quick-turn machining projects.

With other shops in the area commonly quoting two to three months to get onto a machine, our goal with this machine and our quick-turn machining service is to deliver jobs in just one to two weeks.

By limiting this service generally to aluminum and titanium parts, we can deliver jobs eight percent faster and provide eighty percent Bill of Materials (BOM). The time savings from out quick-turn machining service gives customers flexibility to have other needed treatments or processes to the parts to complete them, and do it still well ahead of typical turn times.

DMG MORI DMU 95 monoBLOCK Specifications & Highlights


  • Large door opening of 1,500 and unique access to the working area, most compact machine with a footprint of only 129.2 ft²
  • Unrestricted crane loading of up to 2,204.3 lb
  • Quick and easy to set up thanks to it´s three-point support


  • Comprehensive cooling measures, high-performance coolant unit and multi-sensor compensation as standard
  • Stiff construction with high static masses and balanced moving parts

Stiff monoBLOCK concept

  • monoBLOCK – Maximum stability from one casting
  • One-piece column with large, stable slideways, 2.2 in roller guideways in all axes
  • Maximum stability thanks to large ball screws in all axes ø 50 / 50 / 50
  • FEM optimization of all components
  • Clamping of the swiveling rotary table

 Heidenhain TNC 640 Control System

  • 19″ ERGOline Operating Panel with HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 and ergonomic, tactile Input Field
  • Good overview for programming and editing with 19″ display size
  • Operator-friendly control ergonomics for better operation ease during test-running and NC program adaption workflows at the machine
  • Broad Programming Support through compatible KlarText-Programming Environment, Cycles and Simulation Functions


  • Max. X-axis travel 37.4 in.
  • Max. Y-axis travel 33.5 in.
  • Max. Z-axis travel 25.6 in.

Table dimensions

  • Max. table load 2,205 lbs.
  • Table diameter 33.5 in.

Workpiece dimensions

  • Max. workpiece height 23.2 in.


  • Standard rotational speed 20,000 rpm
  • Max. rotational speed (option) 20,000 rpm
  • Power (100% power-on time) 33.5 hp.
  • Torque (100% power-on time) 63.4 ft./lbs.

Tool magazine

  • Capacity (standard) 60
  • Max. capacity 60

Rapid transverse

  • Max. X-axis 131.2 ft/min
  • Max. Y-axis 131.2 ft/minMax. Z-axis 131.2 ft/min