Our Working Processes in 3 Steps

Faustson is unique in its ability to evaluate and successfully address demanding applications. Our support allows you to pursue your creative vision with confidence, culminating in the formulation of innovative solutions to your specialized manufacturing problems.

Planning & Strategy

At Faustson, there is no such thing as standard production. For each job, our machining systems are adapted to accomplish projects subject to exacting individual design specifications. In fact, projects are often accomplished by the creation of special, innovative processes that are job specific.

Design & Production

Faustson excels in the refinement of your existing design. Blueprints, sketches and raw ideas can provide the basis for your design. After we receive and review your input, functional models are produced. Following rigorous testing, these prototypes are fine- tuned and the working products are manufactured.

Assembly & Testing

Faustson offers comprehensive assembly and testing services. We have years of experience in this arena and are comfortable working with a wide variety of materials and adhesives. After assembly, we test the finished product to ensure it complies with your company’s performance standards.